Saturday 6 May 2017


"Be outspoken but not obnoxious"

Chuck D

Pikeying ? That's a new word.
Pikeying - To search, forage or gather this, that and the other, for free.

Massive tides last week so I went down the beach to see if I could see any gullies,  bait beds, etc.
I love messing around on the beach. Found a large bed of razor clams on a stoney ridge about 120 yards out, which is only exposed a few times a year.

The clams are in the holes you can see on the photo above and squirt water a foot or two upwards as they here you approach. Walk along with a bottle of table salt. pour some down the hole and if you're lucky they'll come up and you can grab them. Got about thirty clams that are now in the freezer for eating soon.

Added bonus of half a dozen leads and it's been a nice early morning on the beach.

After a couple of half successful Alton sessions I decided that it was time for a float making session. Due to the undertow at the reservoir, you sometimes need a float 15-20 inches long to get below the drift. Lobby came up with a few full size peacock quills and I bodged together some bespoke floats.

Last weekend a great weekend in the southern Spanish hills with Mr and Mrs Turdster. Bit of walking, cycling and lots of eating and drinking. Wunderbar.


  1. Track down some Alton tench as well

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