Friday 14 April 2017

Reasons To Be Cheerful - Part 2

"Every spring is the only spring. A perpetual astonishment"

Ellis Peters

This warm weather bought the snakes out last week. On the way back from fishing I almost stood on this adder. I made a ridiculous vomiting noise when I saw it, they give me the creeps. Didn't stop me from going back for a photo though

A day later, walking around the reservoir I heard that familiar snake sound in the leaves and there were three grass snakes together, big buggers too. Lots of them about at the moment.

Now, this is possibly the crappiest holiday park on the Essex Sunshine Coast. Seawick Holiday Park. It's near where we fish for skate.

Lots of fat old munters eating chips, middle aged blokes in tight football shirts drinking pints in the Sailor Boy pub at eleven in the morning, other people walking their Staffies, or Devil Dogs as Wak Baines calls them. Book your dream holiday there now.

I've been making bass and pike floats this week, as well as some ultra long wagglers to beat the reservoir drift. Can't buy them, so I'm having to weave my magic. They will undoubtedly turn out to be functional rather than beautiful, but that's OK.

I like doing it, there's something therapeutic about making stuff. Wild Billy Childish said it's better to do something badly yourself than getting somebody else to do it for you well.

In the case of float making, drawing, painting, etc, I think he's right. When it comes to wiring or plumbing your house I think we disagree.

Last weekend I did the Little Bromley 10 km. Finished in 45.08. Previous year was 45.04. Incredible you run all that way and finish within a few seconds both times. Great race, good atmosphere, five hundred entrant sell out, around some lovely rural lanes. Then it was off to the Italian restaurant for a pig out and drink. Outdoor table in the sun. Happy days.


  1. Well, at the rate I'm getting slower, I'll be two minutes slower over 10 km than I am now when I'm 82. I'll settle for that. Anyway, get yourself down to the holiday park, you'd love it.

  2. I like snakes, there were loads of adders on the heath in Berkshire. All we've got here are grass snakes in the orchard and dyes, some are three feet long. They're good in the garden eating pests too. Like the number, 313. The holiday park looks like a corner of a remote Fenland farm. John

    1. Hasn't got the high walls, security gates and look out tower
      so can't be an isolated Fen shack...

    2. It has got a machine gun turret and I have a photo which I will post next time.

  3. Yes those grass snakes get pretty big John. They're interesting, don't know if I "like" them though.

  4. I'm surprised you didn't notice the arm chair arbitarily dumped outside the chalets.