Wednesday 1 March 2017

Get Thee Behind Me Winter

"Inside or out, no one relaxes in March"

Ogden Nash

The sea fishing this winter has been the worst I can remember. Absolutely awful. But.....

I was keen to see if the skate ( yes, them again. there's bugger all else worth catching ) were about. Me and Conc had the first session of the year at " the " beach. Surprisingly, a couple of  brave Beach Gentleman were out, completely starkers, with the exception of the obligatory sandals. Yes, in February.

Baits were cast out and it wasn't long before the first skate of the season hit the shingle. A pleasant day made even better as I beat the Concmeister 10-4. He don't like it up 'im !

Since then I've had a couple of very short sessions resulting in a further thirteen roker. Nothing big, but at last, a few fish.

Also been out on the trails and marshes training ( I love referring to it as "training", it suggests I'm a proper athlete. Which I am, obviously, in my tiny, deluded mind ) for the Stowmarket half marathon. I've even picked up an injury, just like the pros do.

Interesting photo, eh ?

I just can't get the enthusiasm for freshwater fishing locally, it seems like it's all been done before. The Stour is a shadow of it's former self. There's always "the ressie" of course, for roach, pike and tench, if you're very lucky.

Agility, grace, power. That's me, that is.
Things are certainly looking up, I received an invite yesterday to the fish Fens and the Bure from TT and BB and as soon as the winds drop we're going plaice fishing on the south coast. Wunderbar.


  1. Beach Gentlemen? This weather? They must be proper hard.

  2. So many possible answers to that comment TT.

  3. Just to lower the tone, hope your mate Froome never got any packages. Rotten to the core that sport sadly. Wiggo better salt away a few million from his comedy TV work cos the net is closing in. Too right if proved to be true. And one day slippery Lord Coe will slip up good and proper.

  4. Froome is straight. I've never liked Wiggens, his cheeky chappie act is massively irritating. Great track cyclist and luckiest man ever to win the TDF. He doesn't like Froome because he showed everyone in 2012 that he was by far the better rider in the TDF but had to defer to team orders. Also, he's the most boring rider I've ever seen. Never attacks, just sits on the tail of rivals and is a brilliant time trialist. My opinion is totally biased as he gets on my tits.

  5. And you're right about Coe. I was always an Ovett man, my old chap liked Coe. I could always sniff out a Tory, eh Pop ?

  6. One day the glorious revolution will see his kind hunted down and made to grovel.

  7. Dead right about Coe, oily, slippery little get. A serial snotty dickhead. Lord Coe, what, why, how. John