Thursday 24 June 2021

I Love a Gurney

Well, who doesn't love a gurnard ? They're stunning looking and taste great, although because they do look so extraordinary I usually put them back. Yes, totally illogical bollocks I know.

On Chesil hoping for the Grand Slam of Gurneys ( yes, Ive just made that up ), red, tub and grey, all if which I've caught here before.

It turned out to be a slow day, but with sunny weather, no weed and no human within about two miles of me could I complain ? No.

I ended up with four beautiful reds. Nothing else but I was well pleased.

Then back to the camper for food, cider and football on the radio. What more can a man want ?

Actually, don't answer that.


  1. Life of riley by the sounds of it !!!, sounds perfect to me. I've a couple of holidays by the sea this year, I need to have a dabble myself. You've been picking up a nice variety.

  2. I'm trying Mick. Things should really pick up late summer into autumn, but enjoying the long light evenings at the moment.