Thursday 24 June 2021

To See the World in a Grain of Sand

Yes, I've used that quote before. Anyway, from huge tope to the hunt for mini species.

I'm out west on the hunt for more species. I started float fishing over the rocks in the usual manner and had plenty of small ballan and corking wrasse, plus a rogue mackerel.

Walking along the rocks, peering in to the gin clear water I lowered a tiny piece of ragworm between some rocks. Tiny fish appeared immediately, but until I changed to a smaller hook I  couldn't catch one.

Size 14 and a scrap of bait and bingo, fish straight away. A little shanny. Ugly bugger.

More shannys followed and some tiny wrasse. Sight fishing for them was great fun.

Next day I turned up with light gear and had eight species including a sea scorpion, tompot blennies, black goby, rock goby, sand smelt, pout and dragonet. Never in the field of human history has a grown man had so much fun catch tiny fartarse fish.

Some of these fish are incredible looking creatures.