Thursday 3 June 2021

The Adventure

Wilfrid Thesiger ? Ranolph Fines ? Christopher Columbus even. None of those had an adventure like I did the other day.

Yes, total bullshit but it's my blog and I'll please myself.

Me and The Turdster set off to probably the remotest place in Norfolk in search of a tope from the shore. We were tipped of by local legend LB so were feeling confident.

We set off early evening, an hour after low water so we could cross two creeks before continuing our four mile walk to "The Spot" . It's an incredibly beautiful area, but you are cut off for eight or nine hours which meant we'd have to sleep overnight on the beach.

No problem eh, with temperatures in the 20s by day ? It certainly was a cracking evening, albeit very windy, but that was forecast to die right off to next to nothing by dusk.

We started off catching a few bass and then it was time to put out a tope bait.

First cast I had a solid knock that definitely wasn't a bass. Rebaited, lobbed out seventy yards and five minutes later the tipped pulled over and kept going.

I'll spare you most of the details but after ten minutes or so we saw the fish zipping up and down the beach, thrashing like mad as it entered the shallows. The Turdster was on it like a flash, grabbing the wrist of the tail and dragging it ashore.

It looked massive and probably went 35lb plus. A few pics and we put it back hoping for another fish or two. It was not to be although we did have some bass and smoothounds on the tope baits.

By midnight it was bloody freezing and still horribly windy.

We got in the sleeping bags, the bivvy bags, a shelter and kept all our "winter" clothes on and were still cold ! In June !

A couple of hours sleep ( well, rest ) and it was time for the long trek back.

A great night but once a year is enough !


  1. Hardcore !!!! sounds like a right adventure that, fantastic

    1. It was Mick. So bloody cold overnight though ! Must be going soft in my old age.

  2. Norfolk. Topetastic. Well done Buh.