Thursday 1 December 2022

Gissa Job

After the productive chub session I went back the following afternoon for another go. Yes, I know, greedy.

It was a strange few hours. Seven fish from three swims, with five from a previously chubless swim. A chubless swim that had an otter farting about for ten minutes too. After it swam off, the fish fed immediately.

Nothing big, in fact lots of small ones around 1.5lb. Bit of fun.

After I sacked off the prospect of labouring on a smeggy site last week I "had a word" with a bloke I know and this week I've been mainly bait digging for him.

It's a fecking killer and I've earnt nothing more than pocket money but I have to say I've liked doing it. Getting up early, on the mud flats, nobody about, lovely.

If I'm going to stick at it I've got to get better and fitter to get enough of the filthy lucre. Who knows what will happen ?

Colder weather on the way, so that may dull my enthusiasm.

I'm doing the outdoor fitness and recently started the guided walks too, so I'm hoping by spring I'll be earning reasonable money. By which I mean I can pay the bills and go fishing in the camper for four months again.

We'll see. I need a bit of jeopardy to keep it interesting.