Thursday 29 December 2022


Bully went fishing yesterday. It was raining and there were high winds, but he still went. Keen for an old bloke eh ?

I rang him and told him that I was going today, in better conditions and before I'd got the words out he said "I'll come too", then added " I'll just fish the afternoon ". I told him I'd be there at eleven ish and left it at that.

This morning as I was getting breakfast he sent me a text "I'm on my way, I'll be there by 10.30".

What a hungry bastard, he just can't get enough.

It was bright and breezy and the river was in good nick. Nice colour, still pushing through quite hard though.

We started in a couple of banker swims. First cast I had a chub about two and bit pounds, but after that nothing, as is usual in this type of fishing. Bully had nothing, the endless stream of dog walkers passing and ocassionally jumping in the water didn't really help. I mean the dogs, not the owners.

Today there were hundreds of them, I mean hundreds. Canoeists and paddle boarders too, out enjoying the countryside and having fun. 

You have to be a grumpy old sod to be annoyed about that. We were. Our own fault, if you want a bit of peace, fish early or late or not in the Christmas holidays.

Many swims where I'd expect bites were dead, I must have fished seven or eight swims but only had bites in two. Luckily I hit them both. 

Bully walked right downstream and wangled one out just short of 3lb. "Where did you catch that ?" I said.

"I don't know, it all looks the same to me" he said. Yes, really.

He walks around with a SatNav so he can find where's he's parked the car at the end of the day. It's very sad.

We ended with two fish each, the one below was the biggest. Not massive but a nice fish.

Great day to be out and you can't grumble when you both have a couple of decent fish.

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