Thursday 8 December 2022

Strange Times

Strange times ? I think they are and not just because I'm a grumpy old fart.

For the past three or four years I've deliberately removed myself away from "The News". No newspapers, no Six O Clock News, just headlines on the radio, 6Music of course.

I used to be an avid current affairs hound, but I prefer selective ignorance these days.

However, two stories this week had me shaking my head.

Michelle Mone, or "Baroness Mone" ( in Old Blighty it is forever the seventeenth century ), an unelected member of the house of lords, as they all are, allegedly lobbying for a company to supply ( unfit for purpose ) PPE gear during the Covid pandemic.

Not only was the equipment useless, she allegedly pocketed thirty million quid from said company. She may be innocent of course.

Little Rishi said he was "shocked" at the allegations. I'm sure you were. 

In other news the CEO of Ofwat, the water regulator ( don't laugh ), criticised the water companies for chronic under investment in projects to reduce the ( legal ) pollution they inflict on the environment.

Seeing as Ofwat has been in existance since 1989 you would think if they had any balls they would have got the water companies sorted by now. But they are not there for that are they ? They are there to project an image of environmental responsibility that in reality doesn't exist.

The CEO is said he was expecting big improvements. Based on what he didn't say.

The fact that this continues with only few people giving a shit is profoundly depressing.

They say that people become more conservative ( small c ) as they age. Well this old fart is the total opposite of that. I'd have these feckers in prison. The ones I didn't personally shoot that is.

That's enough of that. Let's talk about The Fall.

I've been listening to some old stuff and pondering the genius of Mark E Smith. I fully understand why ninety per cent of people don't like The Fall.

Does this make any sense to you ? No ? Me neither.

Benny's cob web eyes !

More Fall ponderings soon.