Friday, 6 January 2023

More Chubbing

Trying to hit the river right, in between heavy rain, ain't easy.

This week it's been pushing through hard, but the colour has been pretty good and imoroving daily.

The fishing hasn't been easy though. To be honest I like it like that. I've had a few out each trip ( three sessions this week ).

Bully has had a hard time of late, blanking twice consequetively on the mighty Stour in pretty good conditions.

We went out yesterday and I had two chub and a tatty brownie, which had been through the wars a bit. Bit of cormorant damage, bit of otter I think.

The river looked spot on, I expected more but at least I had a bit of action.

Tried a different stretch today for an hour at dusk. Really fancy this bit of river for a big one, although to my knowledge it's never produced anything decent. never know.

I had three chub all from the same swim, nothing big, but a start at least.

I will give it another go very soon, I've got the hunger for it at the moment

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