Thursday 26 January 2023

Little and Often

That's how I've been fishing recently. Lots of short sessions and doing pretty well for chub and pike. Nothing spectacular but nice fish which are for the most part in absolutely lovely condition.

One weird thing that seems to be happening is that the chub are not always in the same places and some real banker swims seem fishless. This is happening time and again and is not something I've come across before.

Me and Bully fished today in slightly milder conditions today, but it was a bit hard. He had one chub about 2lb and I managed two, one of 3lb plus and another of exactly 4lb. Chuffed with that one, it was from a "new" swim I found whilst piking, a deep bend with seven or eight feet of water and a nice snag on the far bank. I fancy it for roach too.

Forecast to get milder next week, going to pre bait a few swims and see what happens.

I'm told my other stretch, the unfished bit with no form that I really like, is now owned by a new farmer who doesn't allow fishing. Gutted. But I'm going under cover of darkness. I think you can fish it until you're asked to leave, can't you ? 

I have big chub and roach to catch.


  1. Bugger about Farmer Giles though. Get on a SUP. They seem to allow you to go whereever you like,