Friday, 13 January 2023

A Silver Lining

Popped down the river hoping, but not expecting, it to be fishable.

Main river was out of sorts, but a couple of backwaters and feeder streams were OK. My go-to little dyke was fishless....again.

Then I tried "the trotting swim". Two little roach.

Finally the feeder stream. As I left the car park, a bloke came running up to me, "Are you a local, mate ?", followed by fishy questions. I gave my usual polite but unhelpful replies. The bloke followed me to the swim and then it became interesting.

It was @AnglingwithShaun ( take a look at his Facebook page ), he's got 13,000 followers and is on a campaign to catch a fish from every one of the UK's cities.

He was on his twelth day of a tour around East Anglia, fishing and then sleeping in his car, surrounded by tackle and bait. What a character he is.

I told him about a few spots and we walked up river to the little feeder stream, me in wellies and Shaun in trainers. Fine normally but the meadows were covered in flood water. He didn't give a feck ! 

I failed to catch anything but we continued our chat and it turned out to be a great day. He's an inspiring character with lots of great stories and if ever a bloke lived by the phrase " Carpe Diem" it's him.

So, crap fishing but a great day nethertheless.

When the river levels drop he's coming back down for a bit of chubbing. Hopefully the rain will stop soon and we can crack on with it.