Thursday, 19 January 2023

Frozen Borderline

Bloody cold but the river looked spot on, flowing steadily and with visibility of about twelve inches. 

OK, it was -4 deg last night and has been for several days but I thought I was in with a chance.

It was lovely sitting in the sun but as soon as it dipped beneath the trees it was freezing. Ice in margins too.

After the first four swims I was biteless. I was surprised, but in the fifth swim I started getting rattly, roachy bites. Off with the size 6 and on with a size 10.

Next cast I made contact with a decent fish. Monstrous roach or a chub ? Yes, chub, albeit a welcome one.

I tried four other swims but this turned out to be the only action of the session. Quite surprising, I expected a few more fish, but an enjoyable session nonetheless.

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