Friday 22 September 2023

On A Roll


I decided on something different and set up the rolling rod for a go at a very nice looking stretch downstream.

It's got terrible road access, poor bank access and a massively annoying herd of bullocks, so unsurprisingly there were no signs that anyone had been fishing recently. 

The rolling meat method is absolutely deadly if you get it right and on only the second cast the forty year old Sportex hooped over as a big barbel surged downstream.

The old rod creaked and groaned and with the braid ( which I'm not at all keen on ) it made every crash and surge feel as if I was near to disaster. It took ages to get in but proved to be a right pig of a fish weighing 11lb 10oz. Fantastic fish and even better to get it on that method.

Back to base for a snack and coffee and then a quick chuck out in front of the campsite where I nabbed a small barbel of around 4lb and then  on to meet Chris, a very knowledgeable local, who took me to a spot he fishes regularly. 

What a beautiful spot and two minutes from his house. Lucky bloke.

When your luck is in its in and ten minutes after mindlessly chucking a boilie and pva bag out the Sportex was in action again and after a long and savage fight Chris netted it.

"Getting on for a double" he said.

It seemed a bit short to make double figures to me, but when he lifted it from the water it seemed to grow in size.

A clonking fish of 12lb 4oz, well chuffed as they say. Or I do.

No other bites were forthcoming but we chewed the fat and made plans for the next day. 

Ooh I love it when you're on a roll.