Saturday 2 September 2023

Road Trip ( Again )

It's always exciting packing the van for a road trip, whether it's twenty minutes down the road or a thousand plus miles away.

Me and Bully are after Barbel again and hopefully some decent roach and silver bream on a quiet stretch of the tidal Trent.

Three gallons of mixed seed and hemp cooked this morning. 

Five kg of pellets, sweetcorn, luncheon meat and for the first time in years I even bought a pack of boilies. 

Bit pot of veggie curry in the camper fridge, cured meats, a veritable feast of various cheeses, the essential licquorice allsorts, those kids cola sour strip thingys, sweet chilli crisps, cider, wine and some nice ales. Love it.

Forecast is for sunshine and light winds, so that probably means loafing in the middle of the day and fishing early and late.

The river is apparantly low and clear, very different to last time, so who knows how it will fish but we'll see soon. Wahooooo!


  1. What mixed seed? The stuff I bought had lots of something that went to mush

  2. Four Seasons Wild Bird Mix from Copdock. Dead cheap, £9.00 for 12.5 kg dry. That's roughly 25kg when soaked and cooked.