Tuesday 26 December 2023

Christmas Social

The day before Christmas Eve we went to an Ipswich pub to see three local bands playing rowdy punk rock. All old blokes who would have been young teenagers when it all kicked off in late 70s and still loving it now.

Brilliant evening topped by a raucous rendition of the Clash's "What's My Name ?". Music, like fishing, has been a constant in my life since I was a kid and I still get the same pleasure from them as I did in the early days.

The following day I met Waaaak Baines for a fish and catch up on the Stour after he'd visited family. 

Although the river looked pretty much spot on, we struggled a bit. I put Wak in one of the banker swims and he managed to get a proper wrap round bite but missed it. The day before I somehow missed five "proper" chub bites on the trot, its a funny old game sometimes.

As the light faded I wangled out a couple of nice roach, so not a total blank.

We packed up on dark and swopped wine and floats before heading home.

I was back the next day and had a bit more success with two decent chub, three roach and a dace.

I've found a reliable roach swim but am finding hitting bites on the tip difficult, especially when using a little cage feeder. I'd rather use a swan shot but the cage feeder filled with bread definitely gets you more bites.

Lots to think about.