Tuesday 5 December 2023

Farting About

I like drawing and painting. It takes you out of yourself, or as they say nowadays, you're "in the moment ".

I also like making fishing related stuff. When I say stuff, I mean anything that requires a tiny amount of skill and know how, as if its the least bit complicated, I'll mess it up, as I'm total cretin when it comes to DIY or mechanical things.

Apart from "The Day I Put The Shelves Up" in 2012, but I shall not mention that great event.

With the dark nights encroaching I've been making some floats.

It taxes my concentration enough to be interesting but even I can use a piddly paintbrush for paint and varnish. You do what the hell you want too, silly colours, inscriptions, all the things that make you feel like a kid again.

The first lot are done and are about to be sent out to a few mates then I'm going to have a go at some old fashioned Topper Haskins Avon floats.

It's just a bit of fun and whether they're good or crap doesn't matter, I enjoyed doing them. And I'm going to catch some fish on them too.

I'm in the groove on the river at moment, fishing for an hour or so around dusk as often as possible. 

Last night I had a short session late in the afternoon. It was grey and absolutely calm, with the geese and wildfowl's calls echoing along along the river valley. The dank weather put off the dog walkers and I fished alone and content and to top it off the chub fed well and I had four to exactly 4lb.

I'm back fishing tomorrow with Bully on the old man's 70 th birthday.  Can't wait.


  1. Looking forward to trying mine out !! I was having trouble long trotting the other day just seeing the float so the inch long red topped versions look ideal

    1. Sounds like your eyes are like mine Mick !

    2. When you get 'em going proper you can strike at the sweet spot with your eyes half closed.

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  3. Great looking floats! and them Chub aren't bad either!

    Wish I had more time to make more floats, gave up trying to find the time I sold it all off, shame really.

  4. 70? Feck me. I'll mention the shelf, you bodged an even worse bodge that had been done before. Floats as ever look Da Dogz