Thursday 14 December 2023


Yes, FFS. Poxy rain, it hasn't stopped for two months now and it's doing my head in.

Work has dropped off a bit, but thats fine, more time for fishing. If I could get to the river.

Of course, I've tried a few times in the last week, with pretty poor results. Wangling a few out but you know when conditions aren't right.

On the bright side, forecast is dry for next few days so fingers crossed. 

After finishing the balsa floats and christening one of them with some roach I've started on the Avons.

I walked the two and a half miles to the nearest section of river this morning and was greeted with a very high, very coloured Suffolk Stour. Walking back I changed plans, couldn't be arsed to fish in those conditions so make a big batch of cheese paste.

I'm having to re consider my view that you can rarely beat flake and mash for chub. I'm using cheese more at the moment and with pretty good results. A mate says he gets a better stamp of chub with cheese, compared to bread. Hmm.

I'm going to compare results this season. I've always felt that bait is not massively important on lightly fished rivers, but we'll see. 

Obviously they both work well, just be interesting to see if cheese sorts out the better ones. I'm sceptical but hopeful.

After trashing the kitchen making the cheese paste I decided to make a big pheasant stew. It's cooking right now as I tuck in to a nice pale ale whilst grooving to the Sleaford Mods at extreme volume. 

Saturday 16 December is the big day. Ipswich vs Norwich and Liverpool v Man Utd. Up the mighty Town and let's hope Emporer Ming AKA Derek Ten Haag's rabble get a proper pasting at Anfield. 

And with that pretty non fishy report I bid you farewell until next time, when I'll have fantastic tales of chub and roach.


  1. Update -pheasant was dry and tough. Disappointing.

  2. I forgot where I was but I stumbled upon those Sleaford Mods playing somewhere, very unique lol, never seen anyone like them

  3. Pheasant is just a quick way to get lead poising. My old cheese paste is shite. At least you didn't give us a sure fire recepie

    1. Put the pheasant in the slow cooker the next day and it was much better.
      Cheese paste...I've not got it perfect but it catches fish.