Thursday 30 November 2023

On The Cheese

The other day I received a package in the post from Mick at Piscatorial Quagswagging.

Mick calls them Depth Charges, they are what I'd describe as paste grips and looked spot on, so I whipped a few hooks and grabbed the rod for yet another smash and grab session at dusk.

Ninety per cent of the time I use flake and mash for the chub, but I always have a lump of stinking cheese in the bag, "just in case".

Technically it may be a hair rig, but not the way I use it. It's almost like side hooking with the hook point nicely exposed.

First cast and within thirty seconds the tip sprang back and a nice chub was on.

I was somewhat surprised that the paste was still on the hook after landing the fish, it shows how "grippy" the DCs are. 

Despite the absolutely freezing temperatures the fish fed well and I had bites in four swims and ended up with three fish in about an hour and a half.

As I've been suitably gushing about the DCs, I now expect to be made a " Brand Ambassador " and enjoy all the perks and benefits that come with this role. 

I suppose therefore I should end with....

 #mick'sdepthcharge #itwasthedepthchargewotdunit 

Is that how you do it ?

Seriously, for paste fishing these things are brilliant. 


  1. Great stuff !! they work well don't they despite being a 3D print, certainly better than the other ones I've tried from the other tackle companies.

    I've still got some left but the problem is for some reason the price of 3D prints have skyrocketed from when I got them printed first.

    Basically you need to order 100's to make them worthwhile, and even then not particularly cheap, might look in to the China route.

    1. Yeah, they're the doggie's dooh daahs. I'll buy a load off you if you manage to order some more. Cheers.