Friday, 9 July 2021

A River Runs Through It

The campsite I'm staying at I mean. Strangled grammar and misspellings ahoy.

River Wye, Hereford Rowing Club, seven and a half quid a night with access to bogs, showers and their clubhoose showing the football. Can't beat that eh ?

England actually looked like a proper team, playing "keep ball" at the end like...Brazil ?

Everybody has an opinion on football so here's mine.

Grealish and Foden have got to start, surely ?

Hazza Kane not my fave but keeps producing even when playing shite. And he's the king at winning free kicks when he has no support and is going nowhere.

Pickford is an absolute liabilty and hugely annoying as he berates other players whilst have a meltdown himself. He reminds me of that other erratic gobshite, Joe Hart. 

Anyway, to the fishing. Campsite is right on the river, but deep and slow here. Apparently excellent for winter roach.

This meant I had to get the walking boots on and venture upstream a mile or three. Lovely here, really pacy, gullies, cover, gravel. Booootiful.

Seeing the river I was ultra confident of a barbel or two. Bit too confident, as I struggled to get a bite in seemingly perfect swims. Rolling meat close in the rod eventually donked twice, hooped round and a decent chub surfaced. Ah well, a start.

I then moved into a "I'll sell my house, all it's contents and my kids if I don't get a barbel here" type of swim. took a while but I got one, a cracking fish of about 6lb which took a big bit of rolling meat. Wahoooo !

I managed another one a bit smaller on a pellet fished dangerously close to some snags plus some small chub. A really interesting day.

Might even have another go tomorrow.

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