Monday, 19 July 2021

The Wild West

Somehow I've never spent much time in Wales, so next stop from the Wye valley was "somewhere" ( yet to be decided, I just stop when I see somewhere I fancy usually ) in Wales.

Somewhere turned a out to be Ynyslas, near Aberdyfi. Great place, park up right on the beach and about about a mile from the Dovey estuary.

Saw plenty of fish, right close in the breakers, bass or mullet, but I couldn't catch them.

After a couple of days I pointed the van north, got to Porthmadog and then headed west to the extreme tip of the Lleyn Peninsula. What a place.

Amazingly good weather. Warm, sunny, pretty much windless.

The fishing was quite hard, but plenty of pollack and a few wrasse and mackerel. I've eaten fish most days so looking forward to catching feck all so I can have a change of diet.

It's proper wild out here, with surprisingly few people once you get away from the access points, despite it being mid July.

Might be here few for a while longer I reckon.


  1. Some cracking pictures there, looks lovely !!!!

    1. Love that first pic, wonder if the Wife and kids would miss me if I had a years rod trip.