Monday, 5 July 2021

Ragged Troosers, Mishaps and Near Misses

 Near misses ? Doesn't make sense does it ?

1. When I left the house I drove twenty five miles with the electric steps on the camper still down. Second time I've done it.

Not advisable. If you hit anything it would ruin the beloved camper. And the other fellow wouldn't be best pleased either. Another motorist waved madly and pointed at the steps, thanks who ever you are.

2. Even more frightening, I left the side slide-out storage box unlocked and it did what it slid open....on the mean streets of Poole. It would have broke a pedestrians legs or worse. Not funny.  Saved again by another motorist hooting. Got away with it, but I'm well in to my nine lives.

3. I've driven off campsites twice this month leaving a pair of shoes and washing up bowl full of plates and cutlery. Moronic, but unlikely to be the last time I fear.

4. I've worn out two pairs of, admittedly old, walking boots and a pair of trail shoes. Not forgetting trashing a stinking pair of peel off shorts. Actually, they'll do another week...

This trip is costing me a goddam fortune. Oh well.