Saturday 4 September 2021

It's Not All Wine and Roses

Oh no sir, not at all.

I needed a sand goby for the species hunt and found out the Colne and Stour are full of them. Loads in the brackish marshland ditches too. That's all I have to say about the sand goby.

Yesterday me and Conc fished a pool on the river for bass, mullet and if we were really really lucky, a sea troot.

I got a tiny bass, lost three sets of gear and had a snotty eel,  which was another for "the hunt". I don't want any more though.

The lack of both bass and mullet was surprising as we've been catching regularly in daylight.

I did have a crashing take on a spinner in full darkness. I'd like to think that was a sea troot, but who knows ?

Here is a picture of a horrible eel. 

This coming week the targets are a thick lip mullet and some proper bass.

Toodle pip.