Sunday 16 October 2022

Last Chance Saloon

Mid October and still plenty of mullet about. Haven't had the hunger to catch them though, but Bazza was down at the sluice and I popped down to see him. 

He'd been down fishing for four hours with lots of fish showing but no takes. He sat down for a smoke."Let me have a go" I said. "Help yourself" replied Bazza.

First cast we spotted a thin lip mullet following the spinner..."Take it ! Take it ! Take it !"

Literally inches from the bank the mullet grabbed the spinner but was so close to dry land that with a thrash of the tail managed to beach itself on the mud ! Oh well, they all count.

The look from Bazza said it all.

We then went off down river in search of thick lips. Conditions were far from ideal, a strong SW wind colouring the water and menacing autumnal clouds on the horizon.

A few fish were showing though. I got comfortable, stretched out and went to sleep.

Bazza was watching and chucking bits of bread in, the occasional fish showing but not feeding.

The ebb started and I found a couple of fish that were taking one of two bits of crust. Out of nowhere the float shot under, I struck and inexplicably missed what turned out to be my only chance. 

Ah well, an interesting session anyway that probably finishes a good summer mulleting.

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