Sunday 16 October 2022

Old Mates

Sh(anus) was over from Canada, visiting family for a while, so a trip piking with Waaaak was arranged to the usual "big stillwater".

I say piking, it involves casting out, sitting down, chatting, eating sausages, drinking tea and winding in every two hours to re cast.

When me and Shane arrived Waaaak was setting up and as always they amused me with their greeting, or lack of it.

Haven't seen an old school buddy for years ? Man hug ? Handshake ? Nah, just carry on tackling up and mutter "Alright ?"

Makes you proud to be British.

First cast the rod tapped and the visitor got "first dibs" and landed a welcome, very lean autumn pike.

The next five hours passed off with no further action but the sun shone, old stories were re told and the terrifying £25 on the bank day ticket was avoided.

On the walk back the ageing, overloaded Waaak provided us with more entertainment struggling and sweating up the steep bankside full of tree roots and obstacles. Simple pleasures eh ?

A splendid day.