Thursday 6 October 2022

In The mind of a Loafer

Cash pile in need of replenishment. Offer of work grape picking. Ooh yes, outside in the sun, etc. Fun for, oooh about half an hour then a bit boring. And knackering.

Never mind, needs must. I'll do five days, a full week. Monday and Tuesday, yeah not bad. Warm. Sunny. Decent company. Wednesday a longer day, by lunch time Ive had enough but made it through to 16.00. What a trooper.

" You OK for tomorrow ?"

" Erh, no sorry I've got some stuff to do "

Yeah, like going pike fishing. Priorities you see.

I started about eight ish, a bit late really, but first cast around the yellow buoy and I was away with a jack around 5lb. A nice start.

Cooky, BB and B were all bream fishing along the same stretch, but apart from a few skimmers and micro perch it was strangely quiet. BB entertained everyone by casting the top section of his broken and splintered rod about forty yards in to the ressie. Good show.

I sat lazing in the sun drinking coffee and chatting and out of the corner of my eye spotted the orange drop off fall to the ground.

I wound in to the fish and felt a satisfying thud as the pike charged off at a rate of knots and continued to do so on and off for several minutes. Most un pike like.

It was rather lean but was probably ten or eleven pounds and a nice way to start the pike season.

With that I packed up and went for a recce along the river. Tomorrow I will go to work again. Honest.