Tuesday 27 September 2022

End of the Road

And if I die in early autumn

Light a fire boy – in the woods

Build it well and crack a bottle

Share out all my worldly goods

And on some silver morning

Remember days like these

As horses seen through trees.

Martin Newell

I woke up this morning to the sound of a gusty wind and light rain smattering on the sky light. I pulled the curtain back and looked out. No, not for me today and thoughts of one last session before driving back to the Essex-Suffolk border were shelved.

It's been another good trip but I'm done now. Probably the last longish trip this year although I'm hoping to have a couple of short ones.

I had a good clean of the van,to be honest it was a bit grubby. Not surprising really, storing masses of fishing gear and bait in it. The stench coming from the bathroom wasn't what I thought it was. I'd left some rotting lugworm in a cool bag with the zip undone. Very unpleasant.

I've not worked since early April and the cash buffer is down to dangerous levels so when I get back I'll have to bite the bullet for the next six months and earn some filthy lucre.

Bollocks. You always have to pay the piper eventually. Unless you are the piper.

Can't complain though, I've had  the whole of the spring, summer and early autumn travelling and fishing.


  1. If it wasn't for the hangers on and the bills not going away any time soon, I could get in tune with that myself. Would have to be a decent size camper van like yours though not these tiny VW vans that seem to be the norm these days. I've even been looking at Peugeot Boxers of late :)

    1. Everyone has their own idea of what's best but I would want anything I couldn't stand up in. Bigger usually more comfortable but slower and limited to where you go.
      Smaller faster, go anywhere but lack of comfort and facilities.
      You pays yer money.

  2. Great summer, but back to reality with the rest of us! We've invested in a T5 with a pop-top. My lad has had first dibs and spent 4 weeks in Scotland in it, mostly wild camping. I'm hoping to get to use it to provide a bit of comfort on my winter fishing trips!

  3. Brilliant ! Gives you flexibility too. The six months fishing and loafing was every bit as real as the winter working will be 😆. And the plan is to do the same next year if I can get the cash. We'll see.