Thursday 1 September 2022

End of the Tour

Got back yesterday, amazing trip, it was never dull that's for sure.

5079 km

41 days

5 countries. Holland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway.

7 ferries

19 venues fished. 6 rivers, 6 lakes, 7 sea marks.

30 species caught.

One coolant water leak, one tyre blow out.

One pair of shorts worn consecutively for 41 days. And they don't smell. Much.

Knocked myself out on a concrete post whilst fish spotting on a bridge on the river Guden.

Went arse over head on the rocks whilst have a recce on a mountain stream. Gashed all the way up my arm and injured my hand. I keep forgetting I'm fifty eight.

Lots of wildlife, highlight was the moose crossing the river fifty yards from where I was fishing. Lots of reindeer, roe deer, storks, great northern diver, black throated diver, peregrine falcon, various owls and woodpeckers, etc.

Every one of those countries are so far advanced compared to us, from  what I saw. Old Blighty looks a bit shabby and run down in comparison. I could go on but won't.

I got that deflated feeling as soon as I got back. There is only one remedy for that and that's to have another trip. Camper is booked in for repairs next week, so if I have any cash left after that I'm off somewhere for a few weeks in mid September.


  1. Great stuff, on to the next one then !!

  2. Great trip. We were so impressed by Denmark - clean, tidy, great public transport, everybody multi-lingual, etc, etc! Must go back...

    1. Yes me too. Same in Sweden and Norway.
      And Germany and Holland ! We are so far behind it's embarrassing.