Sunday 11 September 2022

That Feeling

The feeling that autumn is here. I went in to the garden with a cup of tea, a dead still, silent, foggy morning. It smelt like autumn.

Bazza picked me up and we were off for a last chance thick lip. Walking through the chestnut wood to the mark the trees were dripping with moisture and we looked out across the mudflats on to a flat calm estuary.

A few fish showed early on and I missed one first cast. I was hopeful it would be a good day.

It was a good day, but the fish soon drifted off and I sat on one of the fallen trees contemplating the day whilst Bazza fished on. Suddenly I heard him shout out, he was in to a decent fish that fought long and hard.

After five minutes or so he managed to get it in his ridiculously small net ( he will regret one day it I'm telling you ) and what a corker it was. 5lb 6oz of chunky thick lip, he was understandably chuffed.

He earned that fish, plugging away when it got tough.

After that we barely saw any other mullet, but one fish like that and you can't complain.

Tomorrow I'm bait digging in preparation for a trip to Dorset in the week.

I'm ludicrously excited. Can't bloody wait.