Tuesday 30 August 2022

Victory from the Jaws of Defeat

After my frustrating and expensive short session, losing loads of gear yesterday evening, any sensible person would try a different area.

Trouble is, the fish are there and cleaner, sandy bottoms haven't produced much for me. I couldn't sleep, a single mozzie kept dive bombing me all night and then disappearing when I turned the light on, so I was up at 4 am prepping the gear.

I went back to the snag pit, tried a slightly different swim and hoped I would have no problems. Well, I lost two feeders and four hook lengths but it was well worth it, I had a brilliant few hours.

First two fish were clonking great silver bream weighing 1lb 9oz and 2lb exactly. What a brace !

I was fishing a fixed bolt rig feeder, as striking with a bow in your line, through a 3 or 4oz feeder is pretty inefficient. It worked pretty well.

Next cast the tip fell back and a big dustbin lid of a bream surfaced. Like all these fish, in immaculate condition. On the scales it went 8lb 1oz, what a lump.

I cast out with worm again and a minute later had a classic drop back bite as the feeder was dislodged and another big bream was quickly in the net, this time 8lb 3oz.

Bites continued and I started getting a few ide, including a decent one of 4lb 2oz.

I'm not over keen on ide, they're like a puny chub and always appear thin across the back. Most of the fighting seems to start when they're in the net.

The next fish was a big surprise, a 5lb7oz tench. A tench in water that needs a 3 or 4oz feeder to hold bottom !  

On with the worms again and another drop back bite. Heavy plodding in the flow and an even bigger bream was lead to the net, this time 9lb 9oz. Blimey Charlie.

It then went quiet and the last fish turned out to be a round goby. No, I'd never heard of it either.

What a brilliant session, so chuffed to have turned it round after the dreadful evening trip yesterday.

I ended up with three big bream to 9.09, two silver bream 1.09 and 2.00, three ide to 4.02, a 5lb 7oz tench, a big hybrid around 3lb and a round goby. Well chuffed.

Now, shall I have another go in the evening. Hmm.