Friday 26 August 2022

The Long Road South

Still finding great overnight stops, the fishing has been unspectacular and a bit half arsed but if all goes to plan ( I'm not counting my chickens just yet ) I'll have a couple of proper sessions early next week.

Once we reached southern Norway the temperatures picked up substantially, to be expected I suppose.

Plenty of barbies and camp fires and I've been in for swim several times. Can't believe how warm the water is in most places.

I've been catching these dace, or more specifically dace like fish. Well, some I think are dace but others ? What do you reckon ?

Been so lucky with the weather, only one really bad rainy day in six weeks. We spoke to some people who had been way up north on the coast and hadn't seen sunshine for a month.

All this stuff about Norway being expensive ? Well, it's all true. How about 9 quid for a pack of bacon ? £5.50 for a melon ? £3.80 for this bag of sweets ?

Fuel is about the same as UK which just means both countries are bloody expensive !

So if all goes smoothly, I'm hoping to have a go on the river Ijssel in Holland on the way back. Hoping for a barbel, expecting ide, bream and silver bream. I've got a more refined feeder rig ( maybe not refined but effective I hope ). But, as usual, we'll see.


  1. Dace race. Those three do all look so different. If I ever do go fishing again I'll have to do a rogues gallery of Norfolk dace.

    1. Funny isn't it. The slim silvery one with the ultra forked tail is definitely something else.