Thursday 18 August 2022

Know How To Make God Laugh ?

The answer is "Tell him your plans".

Everything going along smoothly ? Well, don't get too cocky.

See us parked up by the little jetty ? Lovely spot again, catching loads of fish but I noticed a leak under the van. Oil ? No, coolant.

Spent hours trying to find the source of it, with help from another camper. Long story short, I've had to call the recovery out. Oh well, worse things happen at sea.

Great fishing here, lots of different wrasse, more jumbo mackerel, pollack, coalies and a rogue 15lb 4oz thornback ray that took a tiny piece of makkie on a size 4 hook. Lots of sea trout jumping too.

Those mackerel go absolutely mad on the little 6 footer, so much fun, as was eating them last night.

We shared them with some other people round a big camp fire and a few beers, bloody lovely.

With all the fish eaten it's a good excuse to catch more as we wait for the recovery vehicle. Wish me luck.


  1. All part of the adventure !!! what a superb trip up till then !!

  2. Good fight I assume from the Ray ?

    1. Was in very deep water and fought amazingly hard for a ray, didn't know what I had. Was hoping for something more exotic.

  3. Great trip so far - hope it's not serious!