Saturday 6 August 2022

Hunting and Gathering

We've gone a bit further north into the forests and lakes of Sweden. There's loads of them and they all look great, there's too many to choose, so we just amble along stopping as and when.

Absolutely loads of blueberries everywhere, I filled a container in ten minutes and on the way back found some chanterelle mushrooms. Mmm, both tasted lovely.

After that I tried to catch whatever it is that inhabits this particular lake. I had perch, roach and a jack pike on my 6 foot noddy rod. The pike was from about forty foot of water right under the rod tip !

I'm losing track of the days but we've wild camped every night since Holland. Ah, the peace and absolute silence is deafening, you can hear a pin drop ( one sentence-two cliches ).

Last night we found a lovely park up by the river, which is stuffed full of roach, bream, perch , rudd and yes, silver bream. Silvers comprised of about seventy per cent of the catch, average size about 12-14 oz oz, best 1lb 2oz. they are absolutely voracious and are on the bait in seconds. I shortened the tail to about a foot as they were swallowing double sweetcorn right down before I had a chance to strike.

I tried for some big pike that were hitting prey fish on the far bank ( as always ) but couldn't reach the right spot.  

We'll continue to head north when we can drag ourselves away from this beautiful river. 

Destination unknown.