Sunday 21 August 2022

Staggering On

The breakdown recovery effort was a shambles, the useless twats left us at a garage that would "definitely he able to fix it", cleared off and when I spoke to them they said " No chance mate, we're fully booked for three weeks ".

Lots of phone calls later and nothing sorted.

However, after the first balls up I lost faith in them and reverted to Plan B. Try and take control and limp on without them. Bunged some blocker in the coolant tank, crossed my fingers and turned the engine on.

We stayed in the beautiful town of Alesund, park up right next to the water, it was full of fish too.

Yes, yes, of course the first thing I did was get the rods out. Big mackerel ( again ) five species of wrasse, coalies, pollack and cod.

Well, almost cod. I lost a decent one about 7lb when I was inches away from lifting it out. Bastard ! Fishing in the sun right next to the van, with cold beer and wine available, luxury I tell you !

We even did a bit of sightseeing, I wanted to get to the viewpoint and I'm glad I did because it was stunning.

What a place, loads of jetties and piers to fish from and plenty of fish to catch. Took it easy for a few days, stocked up with water, emptied the bog and off we went again, heading south this time, slowly. Even.more slowly than usual.

We pulled up for lunch in yet another place that looked the dooh daahs, a big fjord....yes, there's lots of them, it's sensory overload. Just a quick hour fishing before grub time and lots of the usual suspects on the cheap, simple and deadly Nod rig with artificial worms or tiny bits of mackerel. Most wrasse, some quite big ballans too.

Got a nice park up right on the river tonight, can't get much closer. Lots of moose crap all round the van so hopefully we have a chance of seeing one at dusk. It's a bit nippy though.

Let's see where we end up tomorrow.


  1. Glad you are still soldiering on. Wrasse grand slam? My lad is in Scotland with our van. Every time he sends a picture of it parked next to a loch I wish I was there with a rod!

    1. Yes I was well pleased with the five wrasse species. Scotland is great for campers, get up there !