Sunday 1 January 2017


Had the usual good Christmas, kicked off by a double header of films on Christmas Eve, both of which  are a tradition in the ES household. The legendary "It's A Wonderful Life" and possibly the best western ever made, "Tombstone". And yes, it is better than the original "Gunfight At The OK Corral".

I of course ruin it, by coming out with most of the lines a fraction of a second before they are spoken. Also a tradition, though not universally appreciated.

Plenty of runs and bike rides in the ( mostly ) good weather. Now making plans for the coming year.

Pressies included port, wine, one of the new Medlar books, several CDs, including my first dabble into prog rock ( well, if you don;t include Pink Floyd ). King Crimson no less. I'd heard and liked "21st Century Schizoid Man" and hoped the rest of the tracks would be similar. They're not, they're noodly, wanky bollocks, which is why I've always hated prog. Can't say I didn't try it anyway.

Anyway, the other two CDs, the mighty Wave Pictures and the newly re discovered Depeche Mode ( top chuuuuunes ) are great. 

I managed to read Robert Harris's "Fatherland" in a few days. Cracking read, though I was always going to say that as I'm obsessed with anything to do with WW2. 

Just spent this morning framing TT's last two Christmas cards. Seems a shame not too, the man's too clever by half.

Now going to decorate the bog i.e put some more photos and press cuttings up with blue tack. It's my version of shabby chic. Or shabby shite. Ah, a good title for the next blog. 

Happy New Year to all.


  1. Shabby shite.. liking that very much Lord Lite.

  2. Are my cards in the khazi? King Crimson eh? You need a big spliff to listen to that stuff. Happy New Year, John

  3. No, they're mounted in my man cave. Pic of them mounted in situ to follow.