Tuesday 3 January 2017

Point To Point

Had a great run yesterday. Started at Harwich pier, on to the beach at Dovercourt, across the fields between Ramsey and Wrabness, along the river to Bradfield, up through tiny lanes to Mistley Heath and finishing at Lawford. Too many commas I know.

A fantastic, mostly off road trail of 14 miles, all in glorious sunshine, albeit with a nippy north westerly wind.. Then a pig out in Luccas Italian restaurant with Bong as a treat. That'll do for me.

The TT prints mounted and in position. As if I'd put them in the bog.

I did re decorate the bog though. Blue tac and a few drawing pins and it was done in half hour. DIY SOS ? Nick Knowles ? Pah !

Pure class. Toodle pip.