Tuesday 3 August 2021

Bringing it All Back Home

First bit of looooocal fishing for ages and ages. I dug some maddies, found some mullet and started fishing at low water on a warm summer afternoon.

Plenty of mullet about, loads lined up in very fast, shallow water in the run off from a deepish pool. They looked well catchable, very active and tightly packed together.

An hour later and biteless I had a re think.

The trusty baited spinner had failed to get any interest whatsoever, as had trotting a sub surface bait over the shallows. 

I popped up a small harbour rag on a static rig and a few minutes later had a decent take resulting in a nice thin lip of around 2-2.5lb. 

I can't say they were really having it but I ended up with three thins and a one inch long bass, so a decent enough afternoon. Very enjoyable and species no 49 in the bank for 2021.

Got to catch a thick lip now. A bit more difficult but I know where and how. Just got to time it right.


  1. Mullet. My nemesis. Have only caught a few and then only by accident. The last one was hooked in the arse whilst lure fishing for bass. He went like the clappers.....

    1. Haha I bet he did.
      Thin lips are definitely easier to catch than thicks in my experience.