Monday 16 August 2021

Down In Da Hoooodzzz

Bit of urban fishing. Not really my thing at all, but there's some monster thick lipped mullet feasting on the tasty turdy titbits.

We head to the shite pipe, in the heart the rundown city, where feral yoofs roamed unhindered by the feds. 

Actually, it's that run down there's nobody at all about and the interesting aroma from the pipe probably discourages 99.9 per cent of the population from coming within a mile of here.

There were loads of mullet about, cruising around, swirling and generally sticking two fingers up at us. I drip fed bread mash for a couple of hours but no interest whatsoever.

We did have some ridiculously small flounders though. We were hoping for a goby or anything to add to the species list.

Back to the south west in the camper on Friday, standby for some proper reports.

Can't wait.


  1. Where you off to ? I'm in Instow Saturday for a week in and around that area to see my brother. Some great pics :)

  2. Going to Dorset, western end of Chesil to begin with and then Purbecks I reckon.

  3. Proper stinky round the Hythe now and it floods all the time too. Love the postage stamp flounder.