Wednesday 11 August 2021

Magnificent Muddy Marshland Mullet Magic

Should have been a red top sub editor eh ? Although I'm not really suited to it as I'm not obsessed with house prices and immigrants, coming over here, etc, etc.

Anyway, mullet. Plenty of thin lips about, I've been having short sessions fishing with Conc and Baz.

Last night Baz tried fly fishing for them for the first time. Picked a most unsuitable day, cool and windy. Very few mullet visible.

I had a nice keeper sized bass on maddies on a tiny hook, Conc had another eel( his third eely evening in a row, lucky bloke ) anฤ Baz pulled a rabbit out the hat ( sorry, mullet not rabbit ) in the shape of a 4lb 5oz thin lip which took his shrimp like fly as soon as it hit the surface and led him on a merry dance

Incredible fight on a light five weight rod, took him seven minutes to get in. He was well chuffed, as we all were for him. What a fish to get you off the mark.

On Sunday me and Conc fished on another cool evening. No mullet showing, so we fished slightly deeper water with popped up maddies or ragworm.

Plenty of fish about though, two good mullet for me, best one 3.5lb ish. Two mullet, a keeper bass and two eels for Conc, although he was using two rods, one of which was ludicrously over powered for fishing on a tiny river. To be fair, the bass he had lifted the rod butt off the ground as it took.

I almost forgot, I had a flounder too.....

So, some pretty decent, social fishing in the past week, really enjoyable stuff. I'm having another go tomorrow in what is forecast to be lovely weather. Can't beat the summer.


  1. Floundering about in the mud, most excellent. BTW, the vid of you netting that mullet. The campest thing I have ever seen, well apart from Mark Duckie Taylor. Keep up the good work. Think I'm going to head for a weir pool if the yoot aren't swimming in it. I might even go in on the shallows for a trot. No VASS yellow strap chesties so won't catch any of them carps.