Monday 19 October 2015

Fill Yer Boots, Part 36

Lord Conc of Weeley was sulking. He'd missed out on some "proper" fishing. Whilst fishing a match on Sunday, receiving texts from me as I caught codling and he sat there catching a couple of small whiting.
He said he was off to the local beach for a couple of hours this evening, "just to use up a bit of bait". I was tempted to join him, but with tides getting smaller and the wind having completely dropped off I thought we might struggle. At the last minute I jumped in the car and less than half hour later was set up and fishing,
Conc quickly landed a nice codling, things were looking good.
Conc was banging the bait out a long, long way. So bloody far that it always makes me grin like a gumby, as I see the lead land way out in the distance. I hoped they weren't outside of my range, but a few minutes later I had a gentle drop back on the tip and I was into my first of the evening, Lovely.
It then went a bit mad, with bites most casts, no small whiting, pouting or any other pests, just codling. Good ones too. Seven for me, all 3lb plus, up to 5lb 10 oz. Conc had five to just under 5lb, plus a 2lb+ bass on the last cast, somehow hooked on someone elses broken off gear ! Jammy git.
We only fished three hours of the ebb, what a great session.

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