Saturday 31 October 2015

Making Hay.....

Three really enjoyable sessions this week,  each producing similar results. Sunday and Wednesday, I was joined by Butler, always good company and a total noddy to boot.
On Sunday evening I had three skate, two codling to 4lb plus, doggies and a few whiting, whilst Butler had a small skate and loads of whiting. That'll do nicely.
Wednesday was a beautiful bright moonlit night, an absolutely great night to be out. I started off with a clonking codling, followed up by a mini roker, a big pout, doggies and eight or nine keeper whiting. Butler filled his boots ( and his fish bucket ), with two nice codling, lots of decent whiting, a small roker, doggies and a pan sized dab. Good work son. We fished until 1 in the morning, begrudgingly packing up as the tide started to ebb.
Friday evening, a 2 am high tide and this time I was joined by The Whittler. Again it was lovely evening, the gusty wind of the last two days having died off. Whittler drew first blood with a nice codling, followed by a brace of big doggies. From then on it was lots of decent whiting, loads of dogs and a nice codling for me. It was very mild, with a glowing moon, another fantastic night to be out. We packed up in the dead of night with a bucket load of fish and started the long walk along the shingle back to the car. A great night to be a alive.


  1. You didn't get any red eyed herring then...

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  3. No, but pretty much everything else. You really should get down here for a session.