Monday 5 October 2015

Halcyon Days

Where were we ? Oh yeah, I was fishing lots and digging a bit of a bait. Similar this week too. Sh(anus) Morris is over from Canada for a couple of weeks, so I took him perching on Thursday. A nice day in the sun not catching perch, although a few carp obliged.
On Saturday Sh(anus), Mak Baines and myself went piking on a rather large stillwater down the road. It was a beautiful morning with mist covering the flat calm water, the mirror like surface broken only by the roach and bream rising.
We arrived a few minutes before Mak Baines. I made a study of the behavior of the British male when greeting a long lost friend. Mak and Shane had not seen each other for six years, this is how the conversation went.
Shane ; Mak
Mak : Alright
Shane ; Yeah. You putting a bait in the bay....?

Note, at no time was any hand shaken or back slapped. An observer would assume that they last fished with each other a week ago, not in November 2009. I cannot decide if this is admirable or sad. Probably admirable.
Anyway Mak was more concerned that I'd put a bait in "his" area and got into a bit of a flap, ordering us where we should position their rods, etc. Out of character and all the more amusing for it. The Himmler of the trio is usually me.
Within half hour my close in rod was away and an angry pike tailwalked and lept clear of the water before Sh(anus) swept it up in the net. A great start.
Shane usually unhooks all pike he sees captured and did so on this trip, although he was clearly rusty and missed wearing his slime resistant bib and brace.
This one went 13lb. That'll do nicely. Shortly afterwards the same rod was away and another of around 10lb hit the net. I then lost a fish on the same rod, before Mak Baines got in on the action with one around 11lb. The last fish of the day was a jack for me before it went quiet. Well, apart from a beagle getting tangled up in my line and running off.....
The all important tea was drunk, the sun shone and the usual shite was spouted. In now traditional fashion, here is a list of topics covered....
The Chinese and Japanese. According to Mak Baines, "they're all the same". This from a right on leftie, too.
Tactics for roach fishing at Alton.
Winter in Canada ( not for me thanks ).
Strictly Come Dancing ( I'm sure we covered this last time ).
If someones dies when they're old, do you always remember them as old ?
Jeremy Corbyn
Tony Blair
Bruce Forsyth
Crossloks, really handy bit of kit or recipe for tangles ?
Conan The Whittler - Throwing breakaway leads from trains into greenhouses, slapping school friends in the face with smelly mackeral, etc ( mandatory discussion when we get together ).
Mak's Derriboots ( ditto )
Chris Binyon...."Shining Times", very appropriate on a day like this.
Yes, you're right, same old guff. And very enjoyable too

Plans were made for me and Mak to have a go for the roach soon. Too good an opportunity too miss.

Early Sunday morning and I was out in the boat with Hungry Boy John Sait again. Another lovely autumn day, beautifully calm and sunny. We had about a dozen cod between 3-6lb and two skate, plus the usual whiting and doggies.
I have to admit Hungry Boy comprehensively out fished me today and did not waste the chance to rub it in. Well, I'd have done the same.
As we were heading in, with the sun setting over Mersea he poured us both a whisky and said "A millionaire can't enjoy this anymore than a pauper". Amen, Johnny Boy.

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