Sunday 18 October 2015

The Road To Nowhere

Felt groggy this week, had a cold and the Screaming Abdabs, etc, so I struggled to get up Sunday morning. Especially when I had an hour drive to Aldeburgh,  then a special forces style forty five minute yomp across the shingle onto the wilds of Orfordness. Well, forty five minutes to me, probably an hour plus to a mere mortal like you.
By 9 ish I had cast out two big squid and lug baits into a highly coloured north sea. There was a massive tidal pull which made it difficult to hold bottom.
After an hour or so, the tip sprang back and I was in to the first cod of the day, a nice fish of around 4lb. The next few casts resulted in whiting and doggies, then I hit in to something much better, and after a bit of thrashing around in the suf, a codling of 5lb ish hit the shingle. Next few casts, more codling. I ended with four between 3 and 5lb.
As the tide eased I packed up and started the long hike back to civilisation. Well, Aldeburgh town anyway.
It really is a remote place and feels like it on a bleak November night with the wind howling and the nearest human being more than two miles away.
Looking forward to getting back down there already.


  1. Nice one Wak. I hate walking on shingle.

  2. That bottom pic looks very Sherlock Holmes to me. Was it the dancing men?

  3. It's a very strange place down on the Ness, other worldly even. Good place for photos with the right light ( bit dull on Sunday ).