Saturday 10 October 2015

The Fat of the Land

Yes, yet another fantastic sunny day. I thought I'd dig a few ragworm and have a quick hour to see if the bass were still about.
The ragworm were monsters....
Conditions looked good, a nice breeze, just a hint of colour in the water. I'd been fishing ten minutes when a bass crashed into the bait with real venom, the clutch screaming before I'd a chance to strike. Good start.
A few minutes later and I was in again, another very angry bass thrashing violently on the surface in the shallow water. The action continued and I ended up with five in ninety minutes, all between 2.5lb and 3.5lb.
With the bucket filled with the three bass I'd kept and a few left over ragworm, I walked across the marsh, the sun setting on a perfect autumn day. As I said to Mak Baines, mellow fruitfulness indeed.