Thursday 22 October 2015

One of Those Days

I stopped off to grab a sandwich, parked up and went to the bakers. Back at my car a woman comes up to me, "You've reversed into my car" ! I looked round and sure enough my rear bumber and her front bumper were touching. I told her I I wasn't aware of having touched her car. She was not exactly raging, but was very rude and bolshy. I should have said it was just as likely she drove into the back of me, but was so taken aback I was on the back foot.
Anyway, no real damage done, so I got on my way for a bit of roach fishing.
I catapulted some maggots out as loose feed. Or I would have, if the elastic hadn't broken and twatted me in the face.
Neve mind, I had a spare. I catapulted more maggots out and, feck me, the same thing happened.
Don't worry, two elastics broken, but I had another spare. I fitted the new elastic on and, yes, it happened again. Unbelievable.
I sat down and thought, forget the fishing for a minute, let's have a cup of tea. I turned the gas burner on, lit it, only to see it orange flames pour out, threatening to burn the brolly to the ground. After messing about trying to get it going, I decided there was only one thing to do.
Pack up and go home.


  1. Last time you used a catapult it was on the Sandbank down the Pit.Use a fecking spod

  2. A spod ? I was float fishing 15 yards out for roach. Don't think a crash on the surface every cast would do the fishing much good.

  3. Stand at the back until I've spoken to him.