Friday 20 May 2022

A Civilised Affair

Bully boy joined me for a species hunting session on the local pier yesterday and a damned nice day it was too.

Contrary to almost all my fishing this entailed a very short two minute walk to the spot, where very conveniently there was a bench we could sit on, a van fifty yards away serving top quality all day breakfasts and, as Bully is a man of a certain age, with a bladder to match, bogs just across the road.

In addition to this, Bully kindly picked me up on the way through, which was much appreciated. The drawback was that, as always, you could read War and Peace in the time he takes to unload his car, strap his cushion to his seat box, inspect his cool box, add a bag to seat box, remove a bag from his seat box, look for his flask, find his keys and finally load himself up like a miniature pack horse.

The fishing ? Well, the "normal" bottom fishing was very slow, just whiting, pouting, an eel and a dog.

But the LRF type mini species fishing was excellent, rock gobies, a black goby, another pollack ( very rare here ),a corkwing wrasse and a mini flounder. Really good fun.

A hour into the fishing and time for breakfast. Half a French stick for me, stuffed with egg, bacon, sausage, cheese and fried onions. Mmm bloody lovely. Bully was far more sensible, double egg in a Frenchie.

A great day fishing, sitting in the sun and chatting. Very enjoyable.

Home Rupert and don't spare the horses.

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