Monday 23 May 2022


Bazza was fed up not catching mullet on the fly, or at least not in the last few trips, so he joined me and Ga Ga for a couple of hours spinning for them.

We timed it exactly right, waiting for them just as the tide came flooding in and when it did it was follows, hits, lost fish, landed fish and everything in between.

Baz was having hits and hook ups but they wouldn't stay on, almost every cast resulting first in encouragement as he saw the bow wave following the spinner "Take it ! Take it ! Take it !" , then cursing and swearing. Most amusing.

As the tide flooded we followed them downstream and hit another group of fish that were feeding hard, twice having double hook ups.

As soon as the tide flow eased they switched off, the swirling, rolling and flashing stopping as quickly as it started.

Wading in the river, catching fish in glorious sunshine while having a bit of batter ( you love it Waaaaak ), what a great couple of hours.


  1. Great stuff they fight hard ?

    1. Some go absolutely mental and others more lethargic. It's great fun.

  2. Foul-hooked a decent one in the @rse lure fishing for bass - it went like the clappers!