Friday 6 May 2022

The ( not so ) Grand Tour

Posh Victorians used to do "The Grand Tour", checking out Europe's top cultural cities like Paris, Rome, Madrid and Florence.

I'm doing something similar at the moment, a tour of English canals in a 25 year old camper that stinks of fish, farts, cheese and  clothes that should have been washed days ago. Anyway, I'd rather catch a few fish than check out Michelangelo's David.

First stop the good old GUC. I love this section of the canal, you just don't know what's going to turn up. I fished for a couple of days and as usual was tempted to stay longer, the campsite is the dooh daahs too and right by the canal. In addition to being a stone's throw from the water, it's got the best worm heap in the midlands and fresh eggs. I'm a man of simple pleasures as you may have guessed.

I had a nice tench of 4lb, some clonking hybrids to 2lb 4oz, two silver bream over a pound, best 1lb 5oz, lots of decent perch, plus the usual rudd and bream. Not a single roach. Spawning perhaps ?

I wouldn't say it's an easy stretch of water but at the moment it's about my favourite.

As I say, I was tempted to stay on a few days but for once I showed that old fashioned British discipline, the bulldog spirit that made this country great, blah blah blah ( refer to the Daily Mail for more of the same ) Anyway,  I upped sticks, gritted my teeth and headed the van north westwards towards the Welsh borders, next destination the Montgomery canal.

Stay tuned for the next thrilling instalment.


  1. Sort of place I'd happily live in a narrowboat, very little footfall, quiet and some great fish to be caught like the ones you've just shown.

    1. I think about that every time I walk the towpath Mick.