Saturday 21 May 2022

Getting Stuck In

I wouldn't presume to understand these mullet for a minute. They appear, disappear, appear again and on it goes.

Previously ultra reliable spots have been fishless recently. I think it's down to low water levels from the freshwater part of the river. Absolutely no water coming over the weir which at low tide results in very little water. They like shallow ground but probably don't want to be left high and dry. This may be complete tosh, but the fact is they're not on the usual spots.

No matter, I've been tracking the feckers down. I've a good idea where they'll be and when at the moment.

They feed in very short bursts. You'll have nothing and then they'll turn on and it will be take after take for twenty minutes or so.

Last three short sessions have resulted in fourteen fish landed, several others lost and loads of follows and takes. This afternoon was mad for a while with follows almost every cast and knocks, taps and hook ups on a regular basis. And then it'll suddenly go dead.

You need to find them, watch carefully for activity and then fish hard while they're feeding. When it goes dead I stop fishing for a while and keep looking for signs of feeding.

Bazza was fly fishing next to me today and threw in the towel and begged me for a go with the Mepps. Bloody good fun seeing the big bow wave get closer and closer to the spinner before taking or, more often than not, turning away.

I'm having more of this soon.

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